Spain’s public holidays in 2017: Official list

Spain will have a total of nine national holidays, four regional holidays and two municipal days in 2017. So get organised and start planning some weekends away.

When a newly elected Mariano Rajoy pledged to do away with mid-week public holidays and move them to the nearest Monday (in line with the British system) there was a collective moan from workers across Spain.

The proposal formed part of the ambitious labour reforms pledged by the conservative Popular party and were aimed at saving the economy the costs associated with puentes - the Spanish custom of taking the day off to bridge the weekend with the holiday.

If you think that sounds like rather a lot, it is actually on a par with the number of public holidays marked by Germany and Greece, and only one more than the French, according to a comparison drawn up by Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Britain draws the short straw with just eight public holidays a year which - aside from Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday - are all celebrated on a Monday.

Here is the official list of all the public holidays across Spain, as published in Spain's BOE official state bulletin.

This page contains a national calendar of all 2017 public holidays. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates.

Date Day Holiday Autonomous Communities
1 Jan Sun New Year's Day National
2 Jan Mon New Year Holiday Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias,
Castile and León,
Melilla & Murcia
6 Jan Fri Epiphany National
28 Feb Tue Andalusia Regional Holiday Andalusia
1 Mar Wed Balearic Islands Regional Holiday Balearic Islands
20 Mar Mon St Joseph's Day Extremadura & Madrid
13 Apr Thu Maundy Thursday National except Catalonia
14 Apr Fri Good Friday National
17 Apr Mon Easter Monday Balearic Islands, Basque
Country, Catalonia, La
Rioja, Navarre &
24 Apr Mon Aragon Regional Holiday Aragon
24 Apr Mon Castile and Leon Regional Holiday Castile and León
1 May Mon Labour Day National
2 May Tue Madrid Regional Holiday Madrid
15 May Mon San Isidro Madrid
17 May Wed Galician Literature Day Galicia
30 May Tue Canary Islands Regional Holiday Canary Islands
31 May Wed Castile-La Mancha Regional Holiday Castile-La Mancha
9 Jun Fri La Rioja Regional Holiday La Rioja
9 Jun Fri Murcia Regional Holiday Murcia
13 Jun Tue San Antionio Ceuta
15 Jun Thu Corpus Christi Castile-La Mancha
24 Jun Sat St John's Day Catalonia
25 Jul Tue National Day of Galicia Galicia
25 Jul Tue Saint James' Day Basque Country &
28 Jul Fri Day of the Institutions Cantabria
5 Aug Sat Our Lady of Africa Ceuta
15 Aug Tue Assumption of Mary National
1 Sep Fri Eid al-Adha Ceuta & Melilla
8 Sep Fri Astorias Regional Holiday Asturias
8 Sep Fri Extremadura Regional Holiday Extremadura
8 Sep Fri Our Lady of Victories Melilla
11 Sep Mon National Day of Catalonia Catalonia
15 Sep Fri Cantabria Regional Holiday Cantabria
18 Sep Mon Day of Melilla Melilla
9 Oct Mon Valencian Regional Holiday Valencia
12 Oct Thu Fiesta Nacional de España National
1 Nov Wed All Saints' Day National
9 Nov Thu Virgin of Almudena Madrid
4 Dec Mon Navarre Regional Holiday Navarre
6 Dec Wed Constitution Day National
8 Dec Fri Immaculate Conception National
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day National
26 Dec Tue St Stephen's Day Catalonia


The national government has set the nine national dates and allows each of the communities to choose their own holidays. Part of the national law also allows each community to substitute two of the nationally selected holidays with two additional local holidays. The two holidays that can be legally substituted are the Feast of the Epiphany and Maundy Thursday.

There is varying information available about employees being paid for national holidays. Many sources report that employees are paid for their holiday and if required to work, receive a premium pay rate for that day. However, a few sources state that due to austerity measures, holidays are only a non-working day. It may be possible that employees only receive pay if part of their employment contract offers this benefit.

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