'They told me my baby had died... but now I know she may have been stolen and trafficked' - ITV NewsThousands of women in Spain told their babies had died at birth are now dealing with the horrifying possibility they may actually have been stolen by baby traffickers.

Now, they are fighting to discover the truth.

Among them is bereaved mother Ruth Appleby, who was living in northern Spain 25 years ago when she became pregnant with her first child. She told ITV News the pregnancy had been "effortless" - yet, just hours after giving birth, a nurse told her husband their daughter had died.

Spanish city passes law to limit number of beds on offer and impose moratorium on building new hotels

The city of Barcelona passed a law on Friday to curb tourism as visitors have begun to overwhelm the city and anger local residents.

Last year the city’s 1.6 million residents were heavily outnumbered by an estimated 32 million visitors, about half of them day-trippers.

The new law comes after more than 25 years of relentless promotion of the city as a tourist destination, and coincides with a planned “occupation” on Saturday of La Rambla, a street that has come to symbolise what many view as the excessive and unsustainable number of tourists.

A FORMER CEO of stricken energy giant Abengoa joined a US investment firm who made millions from his old company’s collapse, it is alleged.

Manuel Sanchez Ortega left Sevilla-based Abengoa in May to join BlackRock, the world’s largest investment firm.

In August BlackRock, which has around €3.73 trillion of assets, took short positions against Abengoa on the market worth 1% of its working capital.

A man was forced to sell his Mercedes to an armed gang after they attacked him in his car.

The bizarre crime happened in Alicante, Spain, when a local man stopped his vehicle. Four men jumped in and began beating the driver.

They told him to sign documents selling the Mercedes-Benz S350 to them for €1,000 (£850). When he refused, they threatened him with a knife and a sword cane.

IKEA will discontinue its popular ‘Voila’ briefcase with €1 million inside.

In a joke article, the Scandinavian retailer pulled no punches in response to ex-General secretary Francisco Granados ludicrous claim that a money-filled briefcase had been left at his in-laws home by a ‘plumber or some delivery person from Ikea’.

A search of his parents-in-laws’ property turned up the million Euros stashed in a briefcase, after Granados was jailed as part of the Punica investigation into bribery and corruption.