Armed gang force man to sell them his £70k Mercedes for £850

A man was forced to sell his Mercedes to an armed gang after they attacked him in his car.

The bizarre crime happened in Alicante, Spain, when a local man stopped his vehicle. Four men jumped in and began beating the driver.

They told him to sign documents selling the Mercedes-Benz S350 to them for €1,000 (£850). When he refused, they threatened him with a knife and a sword cane.

Once he agreed to sign the documents the men kicked him out of the car and fled in the vehicle, which had the owner's mobile phone inside.

The driver went to a police station to report the crime and officers later arrested four men. It is believed they have been remanded in prison after appearing before a judge in a private court hearing.

A spokesman for the National Police service in Spain said: "Four people who used violence and intimidation to take a high-end vehicle off its owner have been arrested.

"The suspects forced the victim to sign a car sale document in which he agreed to transfer ownership of the car to them in exchange for €1,000.

"The victim was driving his vehicle normally and was mugged when he stopped."

A police officer said: "It's the first time we've ever come across something like this. It's certainly not the standard type of car theft."


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